The coding of any successful robot involves the integration of many different disciplines - subjects


Measurement, Amplitude and Frequency, Light and Reflectivity, Graph model, Ultrasonic Waves, Speed, Sound, Heat, Distance & Power, Hypothesis & Evidence, Experimental Design, Observations, Data Analysis


Distance, Time, Diameter, Circumference, Angles, Graphs & Tables, Averages, Functions, Scaling, Logic, Patterns


Mechanical and Electrical systems, Design Process, Structures, Technology Society and the Environment


Brainstorming, Discussion, Composition (Explanatory), Communication, Debate & Argumentation, Interpersonal Skills, Report writing


Aesthetics, Concept ideas, Abstraction, Architecture and Graphics (3D)


Ratios & Proportions, Unit Conversion, Budget, Efficiency, Accounting - on Big Data


Mapping, Landscaping, Exploration, GPS

Social Sciences

History of Mankind & Machines, Impact of Robotics on Jobs, Positive effects on Health, Domestic, Industrial, Military, Banking, Relationships