Frequently asked questions

Which Learning Styles are covered in Robotics?

Robotics actively involve ALL the learning styles: KINESTHETIC, AUDITORY, VISUAL & ENVIRONMENTAL ways

What is the New Role of a Teacher in Robotics?

Students discover their own learning through the process of imagining, designing, playing in autonomous spaces & time management processes, so it takes the teacher very little to facilitate and hold students accountable to keep the classroom organized according to the laid-out standards being taught and resultant assessment

What is the way forward now that Robotics and Coding meet the standards for STEAM and other subjects?

It should be rolled out in the schools curriculum to bridge the skills gap between education and industry for the 4th Industrial Revolution in Africa.

Are robots meant to take away jobs?

The central objective in the field is to create new types of employment and reduce human responsibility in Dull, Dirty, Delicate, Dangerous jobs